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Graham Watts Merseyside BMW 2008 19,000 miles

Hi Paul, Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thanks for the excellent service you gave me when I bought my BMW from you last week. I’ve been delighted by the car but wanted to say how happy I am to have made the effort to travel to see your vehicle. I had seen quite a few before deciding to buy your car, but all were not as described. Yours, however, was better than described, presented like someone who really cared and took pride in what they do. Once I’d spoken to you before travelling I knew I’d buy it as you were very informative and honest. Trust is very important to me and I knew you were different than some of the other salesmen. You cared. You met outside of opening times and you gave me a great deal on my old car, making the process very easy and I drove off with my new car very happy. I would recommend you to anyone, and as I told you, you remind me of my dad!!! Couldn’t resist that. Thanks to you and your wife(?) for your hospitality and I know I will be in touch again. Thanks, Graham

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