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Nigel Wheeler, Cheltenham

Renault Grand Espace Diesel 2005

Good afternoon Paul & Yvonne, I just wanted to email to say a very big thank you for the smooth transaction when I purchased the Renault Grand Espace. It drives and looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’m just so glad I decided to look further afield to find the model we wanted or I would of missed out on a fantastic deal. I found your webpage on Autotrader and although I have nothing to gain from writing this to you; I’m hoping that other potential buyers get to read this and hopefully do business with you as it will ensure a good honest car dealer remains in business for many years to come. I had never bought from a dealer prior to this, so traveling nearly 190 miles to visit your forecourt was not only based on the fact you had the exact model of MPV we wanted, but it was also about the high praise given to you both in the reviews and your professional manner on the phone. In fact I never felt like I was travelling to look at a car; it actually felt like I was just driving to come and pick it up, which says a lot based on some reviews and a phone call. In this day and age we all need someone we can trust, so if like me you find buying a car quite daunting give them a ring, because if they’ve got something you like you can guarantee it’ll be worth the visit. Good luck with everything both of you and Yvonne you make a mean cup of coffee. Merry Christmas to you both and I’ll see you again hopefully. Kindest Regards Nigel Cheltenham

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